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Immune Boosting Tea

Immune Boosting Tea

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Great for the immune system, digestive system, and overall health especially when combined with seamoss gel and fresh lime juice! Contains ginger, turmeric, burdock root, elderberries, and cinnamon. Some of the benefits of the mix include but are not limited to:

Turmeric- anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, delays aging, improves brain function

Ginger- anti-microbial, helps treat constipation and digestive discomfort, immune enhancing properties

Burdock root- blood purifier, detoxifying, natural diuretic, retains collagen

Elderberries- natural laxative, 405 of daily required fiber, cold and flu relief, helps with removal of phlegm

Cinnamon- anti-viral, anti-fungal, lowers blood sugar, reduces blood pressure, improves gut health


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